HygiSeal 2.0

PolySto HygiSeal 2.0 is the unique product for chemical welding of joints with a 2 component glue.

Installation of FRP panels is possible without (PVC) connection profiles or silicone joints.

The HygiSeal 2.0 joints between the PolySto FRP panels ensure a durable, seamless and fungus repellent connection that is resistant to high pressure cleaning and other ways of intensive cleaning.

Due to the hard and smooth surface of HygiSeal 2.0 joints there is less bacterial adhesion compared to classical food safe silicones.

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Content 620 ml (2 chambers 1:1 mixture)
Consumption: +/- 12,5 m / cartridge (+/- 50 ml / m)
Standard colour: White
  • Seamless joints.
  • Water resistant.
  • Fungus repellent.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Easy to clean (including high pressure cleaning).
  • High bonding strength between the FRP panels.
  • Resistant against most commonly used chemicals.
  • Bonding is independent from external influences such as humidity and temperature.
  • Blue tape 30 mm x 50 m
  • Yellow tape 30 mm x 33 m (only for use with FRP Smooth and Smooth Extra Mat)
  • Mixing tubes (10 pieces / set)
  • Smooth makers (10 pieces / set)
  • Manual gun 620 cc
  • Pneumatic gun 620 cc
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