1. Our invoices are at the address of the seller, net, cash without discount, unless otherwise agreed by order. Our bills or receipts do not constitute debts or derogation from this clause. Our invoices are strictly payable in cash in Lokeren, Belgium, unless explicitly different agreed.
  2. All prices are understood ex works excluding VAT, customs charges, insurance and any other taxes, unless otherwise indicated. The goods are insured only on specific request of the buyer’s expense.
  3. We reserve the right to require a guarantee from the buyer, in case our credit insurance company doesn’t accept.
  4. In exceptional accepted by us accepting bill of exchange, all costs, interest and agio’s are for the account of the buyer.
  5. Delivery terms are estimates and for information. Data from the dispatch date run after signing for agreement of our final confirmation. Contingent delays beyond our control due to force majeure, strikes, or other, make B-Hygienic free from all responsibility and direct or indirect charges or claims. The delivery will in this case related to this extended time. The sale is in no way broken.
  6. Each of its unpaid invoices shall automatically and without warning or notice interest of 10% yield, and is increased by a fixed fee equal to 10% of the amount due, with a minimum of € 25.
  7. For agreed orders, after which the indicated delivery date is changed by the buyer with a period of more than 5 calendar days will, unless otherwise agreed, automatic storage costs been charged by volume and per day. This with a minimum of € 15 plus € 0.5 per day per m2 of storage space.
  8. B-Hygienic is not responsible for any complaint related by wrong treatment of the materials. The buyer acknowledges, through our extensive catalogue, the characteristics of the B-Hygienic material recognition, and these characteristics under his full responsibility to have checked, especially with respect to the applicable regulations and the use, which he would use the materials specified.
  9. Until complete settlement of all claims which the buyer under the contract of sale, the goods remain the exclusive property of the seller and may, in case of late payment, recovered by the seller. Costs, related to the recovery are invoiced by the seller to the buyer. The goods, even shipped free, are transported on the risk of the addressee. In case of shipping damage or loss will be the buyer to assert rights against the carrier. To be valid, complaints for materials sent by our own concerns and delivered, should be made in by registered letter within 8 days after delivery. Outside this period, no action can be taken at B-Hygienic, which in this case can act as court to take certain decisions. Returned goods must be delivered to our warehouse and address will be accepted only after prior agreement. Charges for returning goods are for the account of the sender. The goods returned under these conditions are reimbursed by credit note after receipt and inspection and accepted by us only after a by B-Hygienic recognized failure.
  10. Deliveries including transport are unloaded from the truck by or under responsibility of the buyer. Necessary tools for unloading the truck like forklift or other lifting and moving device should be available by arrival of the truck. Truck has to be unloaded in a timeframe of 1 hour after arrival. Extra wait hours for the truck are invoiced to the buyer.
  11. All contracts and sales are regarded as done and completed in Lokeren, Belgium. Bills or other forms of payment do not affect this. In the event of litigation or recovery that is not amicably settled, only the courts of Ghent, Belgium have a ruling power.


The new B-Hygienic materials are guaranteed free of defects on materials and manufacturing excluding incorrect use or application.  This guarantee extends over a period of 12 months starting from dispatch date and remain strictly confined to either the simple replacement, ex works, of by B-Hygienic approved defective parts, as far as the defect is due to a manufacturing defect. Any other costs are not accepted. The choice we must remain open to allow a price reduction instead of replacement. A repair, replacement or price restore should not lead the warranty period. The guarantee applies only if the material is installed and maintained under the rules. The guarantee does not apply in cases of abnormal wear, weather damage or damage caused by negligence, accident, neglected maintenance.  Each complaint, excluding those of hidden errors, should be passed in writing to B-Hygienic within a period of 6 days. Complaints about hidden defects have to be made at the latest 1 month after delivery. Material can only be returned after prior agreement between buyer and seller. This material will be packed according the rules in order to avoid any transit damage. The justify of a complaint can only be pronounced by the B-Hygienic Management, eventually after paying a visit for a locally inspection.